Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Brendan Wise - 2013-13 Perth Heat

I had always thought that local Perth boy Wise was going to make it to the Majors and good showings at Triple A level for Detroit in 2010 and 2011 seemed to lay a good foundation. However, a move into the Minnesota Twins system and a poor year with their Triple A franchise in 2012 meant that Wise would end up playing for DOOR Neptunus in the Dutch Major League in 2013 instead of knocking on the door to Majors in the US.

The upside of a lack of US affiliation meant more playing time in the ABL as Wise returned to the Perth Heat for his fourth ABL season in 2013-14, and was able to play in 13 games, rather than in the handful of cameo appearances he has usually made each season.

You may notice that I've included a lot more "dugout" photos in this years photos in my cards. Dugout photos are an interesting tradeoff in subject matter. They usually lead to a far more cluttered background, resulting in less isolation of the subject player, but those cluttered backgrounds can also add value, or provide more candid moments than what you see on the field. And sometimes, it was literally the only time I got a shot of that particular player - very common for relief pitchers and bench players :)

2013-14 Perth Heat Brendan Wise card front - © 2013 Adam East

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