Monday, April 29, 2013

Donald Lutz - "Flashbacks" Concept card

Former Canberra Cavalry alumni Donald Lutz is about to make his Major League Debut with the Cincinnati Reds. In honour of his call up to the show, I thought I'd post up a "Flashback" design of his playing days from the inaugural ABL season.

"Flashbacks" concept card - Donald Lutz - © Adam East 2013


  1. Love the custom!

    Also glad to hear that Lutz got the call... I knew he's German, didn't know that he had played in Australia.

    ...Also also didn't know about the tower featured on the card until I googled "Canberra tower"... just a day full of education for me!

  2. Thanks. Both Lutz and Arizona rookie Didi Gregorius played together for Canberra during the 2010-11 ABL season. It's great to see them both enjoying some success :)