Saturday, April 27, 2013

Trade Lists

I still have enough card designs for the 2012-13 season for the blog to be updated each week day for several more months. Unfortunately, the start of the next ABL season is still almost 7 months away, so I do have some time for posts with non-card designs in them. I've decided that I'll start to include some other card related information in this blog, including cards of Australian sportsmen that I acquire through purchase or trade.

I have a fairly extensive collection of sports cards that, unsurprisingly feature Australian baseballers. For a number of years I used to run the Best of Both Worlds website. Best of Both Worlds featured checklists of cards for Australian players in the MLB, NBA, NFL and WNBA. Unfortunately, the lists became too big too maintain on a static site, and changes in work and life meant that I no longer had the time to put into the site or my personal collection, and the site is now defunct. (Well, technically a partially working copy of it still exists, but it has hardly been updated in over 8 years :)

I'm still interested in keeping my commercial card collection up to date, but rarely get the chance or money to do so. I figured however that I'd post my trade and want lists as pages on this blog in case anybody is interested in trading. Feel free to email me at oz mlb @ hotmail . com (without the spaces :)) if you'd be interested in discussing a trade.

Expect to see more posts about my card acquisitions scattered throughout the regular card design posts, and please fell free to check out my want lists and trade lists (when posted!).

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