Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hard Drive Failures Suck

It's been an interesting week - I've been sick with a rather nasty virus since just before Easter, and have been battling a chest infection, sinus infection, middle ear infection, and a bunch of other wonderful cold & flu like symptoms.

To top the week off, one of the two hard drives in my PC died yesterday. It wasn't a surprise in that it had been giving me errors for a week, but still not fun. The fact that it was a second hand drive I'd acquired only 2 months ago when the original hard drive in the PC failed, means that I've got to go through the process of rebuilding my PC once again.

Fortunately I had backed up all my personal data on Monday, so have only lost about 5 days worth of data. Of course, the fact that I was sick during those 5 days means that the personal data I'd created during those 5 days were baseball card designs, and checklists of my personal card collection. :(

Fortunately, the card designs I'd made I'd already uploaded and scheduled onto the blog for the next week, so I at least have some low resolution versions captured ... just not good enough quality for when i get around to getting them printed up.

Add to that I still have some PC access via laptop, and the "kids" computer, I'm at least not going completely offline.

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