Friday, August 10, 2012

Kody Hightower - 2011-12 Canberra Cavalry

American import and a crowd favourite of the 2011-12 Cavalry, Hightower also put up some good batting numbers for Canberra during the season. Not from the MLB farm system, he has been a bit of a journeyman, with his ABL stint bookended between playing for the Zurich Barracudas in Switzerland in 2011, and his current stint in the Dutch baseball system in 2012.

The photo for this particular card was a Movember casualty, with Kody not sporting the facial growth throughout the rest of the season.

2011-12 Canberra Cavalry Kody Hightower card front - © 2012 Adam East


  1. How can we get some of these cards of Kody... We have friends and family that want one...

  2. Sorry, as per the blurb on the RHS of the blog, I can't actually produce these to sell, etc, because they're not actually licenced. Essentially this is a way of printing up my photos for myself to keep in a more novel way than just in a book or photo album, but as baseball cards.

    1. Oh well. They sure are nice.I hope the ABL Will buy into it..You have done a great job on these..Thanks for your reply.
      Kevin Hightower. Kody's Dad