Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Temporarily Off-Air

I will often write up my blog entries several days beforehand and then schedule them to be posted. Our family is about to head back on it's first family holiday in 5 years to our homeland of Western Australia. Knowing this, I had started writing up and scheduling posts for the three weeks we would be away. I had planned to finalise up all these posts last weekend, however, something got in the way.

I am currently typing this up on my phone whilst lying in a hospital bed. What simply appeared to be a bad nights sleep last Thursday night, and a bad headache on Friday morning turned into a trip to the ER by Sunday morning, and a diagnosis on Tuesday of a very deadly form of septicemia (blood poisoning).

The blog posts remain undone, but I have been blessed to be still alive, and am expected to make an almost full recovery. The doctors are trying to ensure that pending me doing my part by not relapsing, I will be released from hospital the night before we are due to fly out on our holiday. I will need it, even if it will need to be a lot less energetic than originally planned as I continue to recuperate.

The upshot of all this is that most of the blog posts remain unfinished and will remain so until my return from holidays. There still will be a few posts that go up in April, but "normal" activity will resume in early May. There are still plenty more card images to go up, but sometimes it's the little things, like not dying, that get in the way.


  1. Adam, so sorry to hear about your health situation, but I'm pleased you're making a recovery. I certainly enjoy keeping track of your great work, and my Q&A with Adam East on my baseball blog has held number one spot for several months, which means despite interviewing some players with major league experience you are number one. Take care mate, and I wish you and you're family all the very best during this time.

  2. I meant your family, it's past my bedtime. All the best, Nick.

  3. Get well soon Adam, I enjoy reading your commentary and looking at your card designs. Enjoy your trip to WA to continue your recuperation.
    Cheers Robert Everingham

  4. Thanks for the comments gents, muchly appreciated. - Adam