Friday, July 5, 2013

Select's Poor Quality Control

Last year I bought a spare team set of the 2012 Canberra Cavalry cards that were released by Select that I was going to use for trading. They've been sitting unopened in my office until recently where I was going to scan several cards and put them up on the web to trade.

To my disappointment I discovered that all of the cards have been seriously miscut - the card corners weren't at 90º - the cards were more of a parallelogram than a rectangle.

Here is a comparison between the properly aligned card from my set (on the left), and the miscut card (on the right). I've used Photoshop to align the miscut card to its bottom edge. You can see how askew the writing on the back of the card is even though the bottom of the card is actually straight. That's rather poor quality control from Select in my opinion.

2012 Select ABL #27 - Correct cut
2012 Select ABL #27 - Mis-cut card

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