Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kudos to the Adelaide Bite Players

Just a quick note giving praise to the Adelaide Bite players for being friendly and promoting the game of baseball well. I will quite often try and spend time taking shots of players during their warm-ups before their ABL games. Most players will simply ignore me and get on with their job. A couple will give me the evil eye and a couple like Matthew Williams from the Blue Sox and Aces import Fumikazu Kimaru have joked around with me, but they're usually the exception rather than the rule.

Shooting the Adelaide players this weekend, many of the players seemed to be in good moods and were very conscious of me being there, with players such as Josh Cakebread, Jeremy Cresswell and  import Ji-Man Choi hamming it up for the camera. In addition, both Chris Adamson and Darren Fidge came over and had several minute chats with me. Well done guys! I came out with a very positive view of the club and it's players - friendly, fan-savvy, approachable and positive. Thanks for providing a positive experience with your club. I'm looking forward to getting some of my 2012-13 Adelaide Bite cards up soon.

Adelaide Bite players Jeremy Cresswell and Josh Cakebread decide to make sure I get a good shot of them
© 2012 Adam East

Adelaide Bite import Ji-Man Choi deuces up for the camera © 2012 Adam East

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