Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Select 2012 ABL Cards - Customer Service - Close, But No Cigar

I posted a while ago about how I had bought a team set of the Canberra Cavalry ABL cards made by Select in 2012 that appear to have been miscut. I ended up emailing Select's Customer Service, asking if they'd replace them.

2012 Select ABL #27 - Mis-cut card
I got an email back within a day or two telling me to send the miscut cards in to them with an explanatory note, and that they'd look into it. Excellent I thought, they responded reasonably quickly, and seemed to be willing to try and rectify the problem.

I dutifully packaged up the cards, included a cover note and sent them off to Select. A couple of weeks later, I got a return package. Open it up and there are TWO sets of Canberra Cavalry cards in the package, as well as my original cover letter with a hand written response.

I read the hand written response. The Customer Service Officer advised me that they checked the other Canberra Cavalry cards in stock, and the other sets were also all mis-aligned, so it must have been a design fault. WHAT? SERIOUSLY? They had returned my original set of cards - with "OLD" marked on the packaging, plus a replacement set ... of also mis-cut cards.

2012 Select ABL #27 - Correct cut

Well, it's nice of them to blame the problem of it being a design fault and not a production fault ... and I could even believe it ... if it weren't for the fact that I already owned a Canberra Cavalry set that was correctly aligned and cut, meaning that no, this wasn't a design fault. It was a production fault ... and by the sound of it, a rather large production fault, which affected a lot of their stock, and which they aren't willing to acknowledge or fix.

Good try Select Customer Service, thanks for the attempt to fix my problem, but unfortunately, you're wrong. Close, but no cigar ...

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