Saturday, November 18, 2017

2017-18 ABL Design Concept

The 2017-18 ABL season started this weekend, however the first games here won't occur until next week. I've finally gotten around to producing several design concepts for my 2017-18 Australia Baseball League designs, and have settled on the following:

2017-18 Concept Design using Boss Moanaroa of the Canberra Cavalry - ©2017 Adam East
The above uses my 2016-17 photo of Boss Moanaroa. The logo background and text colouring will change based on the team of the player depicted on the card. My first cards featuring 2017-18 photos probably won't be ready for another week and a half, noting that it's still a week until I'll get to my first game.

2017-18 Concept Design using Shane Keller of the Sydney Blue Sox - ©2017 Adam East

Here's the Sydney Blue Sox version, featuring Shane Kelleher. I haven't actually posted up his 2016-17 version card yet, but it uses the same photo as this. Similar to Moanaroa, I'm using him as a placeholder until I get some actual 2017-18 photos.

I still have a lot of 2016-17 cards to display on the blog like the Shane Kelleher card, so they'll still be the main focus in coming weeks but I'll start slipping in my 2017-18 cards as time goes on and as the number of remaining 2016-17 cards decrease.

Text Font is "All Ages" by KC Fonts
Logo background is a brush created by Lileya Brogu

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