Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Custom NFL Card - 1988 Topps Colin Scotts

As a follow up to my Colin Ridgway 1996 Philadelphia NFL card, here's the next in my series of "Aussie NFL Players who need a trading card". This is for Colin Scotts, the second ever Australian to play in the NFL and the first to be drafted.  He was drafted by the St Louis Cardinals as the 70th pick in the third round of the 1987 draft. Scotts ended up playing seven games at DE/TE for the Cardinals before being traded to the Houston Oilers. Unfortunately, he didn't end up adding to his game tally but still holds the distinction of being one of only a handful of Aussies to play in a non-Punting position in the NFL.

I couldn't find any photos of Scotts from his actual NFL games, so I had to take one from his days playing at the University of Hawaii and modify the uniforms to look like the 1987 St Louis design. Noting that he played in the 1987 season, it made sense to add him in to the 1988 Topps NFL card design. I have to admit that the Cardinal logo on the helmet in the photo looks a little funny in the placement to me, but the helmet is actually lifted directly from the image of another player from the era so it is authentic.

1988 Topps Colin Scotts custom card front - made by Adam East
1988 Topps Colin Scotts custom card back - made by Adam East

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