Friday, May 6, 2016

James Darcy - 2015-16 Canberra Cavalry

Darcy is a Melbourne local who played with the Aces in 2014-15 but made his way onto the Canberra Cavalry roster for the 2015-16 ABL season. On last season's blog post for him I noted how the ABL website had a wrong birth year for him - well, it looks like they have the wrong surname for him as well. On the ABL site he's listed as surname D'Arcy, however his social media uses the Darcy spelling. I'm presuming he's correct and the ABL is wrong about how to spell his surname.  The ABL seem to have a real identity crisis with him ... and I can't seem to get photos of him except when he's in a dugout.

2015-16 Canberra Cavalry James Darcy card front - ©2016 Adam East

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