Monday, August 17, 2015

Tristan Crawford - 2014-15 Canberra Cavalry

Crawford made a return to the Canberra Cavalry for the 2014-15 ABL season after spending the previous season with his hometown Brisbane Bandits. He had previously made his ABL debut with the Cavalry back in 2011-12, so it's been a lot of to- and fro-ing between Brisbane and Canberra for Tristan.

He was obviously happy enough for a hi-five in this shot.
2014-15 Canberra Cavalry Tristan Crawford card front - ©2015 Adam East
Crawford also seemed just as happy in this pre-season shot I took of him as well.

2014-15 Canberra Cavalry Tristan Crawford alternate card front - ©2015 Adam East

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