Monday, May 11, 2015

Kentaro Fukukura (福倉 健太郎) - 2014-15 Melbourne Aces

Fukukura is a Japanese rookie import from the Seibu Lions organisation who played with the Melbourne Aces during the 2014-15 ABL season. Fukukura was drafted by the Lions in 2013 but has yet to make his NPB debut.

The second image looks like he's showing me a pitching grip. He was in fact unexpectedly doing deuces for me, but I wasn't actually aiming the camera at him at the time. When I realised what he was doing I moved to geta  focus on him and unfortunately I only caught the end of it.

2014-15 Melbourne Aces Kentaro Fukukura card front - ©2015 Adam East

2014-15 Melbourne Aces Kentaro Fukukura alternate card front - ©2015 Adam East

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