Monday, October 27, 2014

Updating the Aussie Player Lists

I've updated the list of Australian sportsmen in MLB, the NFL, NBA and WNBA on the respective blog pages.

It's been a fairly lean time on the baseball scene. Since Australia's 31st MLB player, Liam Hendriks, made his MLB debut in September 2011, there have been a further eight ABL alumni who have made MLB debuts ... and not one of them has been Australian.

The NFL has also been fairly light on, with the ranks of the Aussies on the gridiron thinning out to just two - and of those, Jessie Williams looks to be out for the season again with another knee injury.

On the flip side, it looks like the NBA season will start with 6 Aussies on team rosters, and another three who just missed the cut.

And Nathan Walker was the first ever Aussie drafted into the NHL earlier this year, veen if he's yet to play a a game.

Here's hoping that the Aussie MLB pipeline kicks into gear next season.

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