Monday, October 20, 2014

2014-15 Australian Baseball League - MLB Prospects and Imports - Update 2

Further updates to the list of imports coming Down Under for the 2014-15 Australian Baseball League season. Pretty sure all of the affiliated players are locked in, and it's mainly just independent players being added to finalise rosters. Main exception is the Perth Heat - I haven't seen any roster information for the Heat yet. I have added the names of 3 imports that I identified as Heat players in a pre-season game, so I'm assuming that they're on the roster for the season. This included Joey Wong, an import who played for Perth last season as well.

New additions since the last post are in red. Details of 11 imports added since last update.

Below is a summary of information about the import players I know so far coming to Australia for the 2014-15 Australian Baseball League season. I'll post updated versions of this list as roster announcements are finalised over the coming weeks. [Final Update: 31st Oct]

Adelaide Bite
MLB Affiliated import players
  • Houston Astros: Tyler Brunnemann P (2014: A/A+)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers: Kyle Hooper P (2014: A)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers: Aaron Miller RF (2014: A+)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers: Craig Stem P (2014: A+/AA)
  • San Diego Padres: Rocky Gale C (2014: AAA)
  • Seattle Mariners: Will Mathis P (2014: A+)
  • Seattle Mariners: Troy Scott P (2014: Rk/A-)
Independent import players
  • Morgan Coombs P (2014: Ind - American Association)
  • Colin Feldtman P  (2014: Collegiate - University of Portland)
  • Craig Maddox 1B/C (2014: American association)
  • Tony Vocca P (2014: Collegiate - University of Minnesota)

Brisbane Bandits
MLB Affiliated import players
  • Tampa Bay Rays: Tommy Coyle 2B (2014:
  • Tampa Bay Rays: Johnny Field CF (2014:
  • Tampa Bay Rays: Granden Goetzman LF (2014:
  • Tampa Bay Rays: Maxx Tissenbaum C (2014:

Canberra Cavalry
MLB Affiliated import players
  • Detroit Tigers: Marcus Lemon SS (2014: AA/AAA)
  • Philadelphia Phillies: Mitch Walding 3B (2014: A)
  • Toronto Blue Jays: Anthony Alford OF (2014: Rk/A)
  • Toronto Blue Jays: LB Dantzler 1B (2014: A/A+)
  • Toronto Blue Jays: Christian Lopes 2B (2014: A+)
  • Toronto Blue Jays: Jack Murphy C (2014: AA/AAA)
Independent import players
  • Jake Brown P (2014: Ind - Atlantic League)
  • Dustin Crenshaw P (2014: Ind - American Association)
  • Brian Grening P (2014: Ind - Atlantic League)
  • Gaby Hernandez P (2014: Ind - Atlantic League)
  • Ian Marshall P (2014: Ind - Atlantic League)

Melbourne Aces: 
MLB Affiliated import players
  • Chicago White Sox: Terance Marin P (2014: A+/AA)
  • Milwaukee Brewers: Kyle Heckathorn P (2014: AAA)
  • Philadelphia Phillies: Dylan Cozens OF (2014:A)
  • Philadelphia Phillies: Chace Numata C (2014: Rk)
  • Texas Rangers: Cody Buckel P (2014: A+)
  • Texas Rangers: Kellin Deglan C (2014: A/A+)

Perth Heat
MLB Affiliated import players
  • Baltimore Orioles: Steel Russell C (2014: A+)
  • Colorado Rockies: Joey Wong SS (2014: AA)
  • Philadelphia Phillies: Brian Pointer OF (2014: A+)
Independent import players
  • TBA

Sydney Blue Sox: 
MLB Affiliated import players:
  • Arizona Diamondbacks: Tyler Bortnick SS/2B/3B (2014: AAA)
  • Arizona Diamondbacks: Alex Glenn OF (2014:A+)
  • Arizona Diamondbacks: Markus Solbach P (2014: Rk/A-/A)
  • Colorado Rockies: Will Swanner 1B/DH (2014: A+/AA)


  1. Other Perth Imports

    New Jersey right-handed pitcher Shawn Sanford, Canadian outfielder Tim Smith and left-handed pitcher Alex Burkard