Monday, October 13, 2014

2014-15 Australian Baseball League - MLB Prospects and Imports - Update 1

It's a week since I first posted the list of known Affiliated imports coming Down Under for the 2014-15 Australian Baseball League season. New additions since the last post are in red. Details of 10 imports added since last update.

Below is a summary of information about the import players I know so far coming to Australia for the 2014-15 Australian Baseball League season. I'll post updated versions of this list as roster announcements are finalised over the coming weeks. [Final Update - 31st Oct]

Adelaide Bite
MLB Affiliated import players
  • Houston Astros: Tyler Brunnemann P (2014: A/A+)
  • Houston Astros: Chan Jong Moon SS (2014: A/A+)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers: Brandon Dixon 2B (2014: Rk/A+)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers: Kyle Hooper (2014: A)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers: Aaron Miller RF (2014: A+)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers: Craig Stem (2014: A+/AA)
  • Seattle Mariners: Will Mathis P (2014: A+)
  • Seattle Mariners: Troy Scott P (2014: Rk/A-)

Brisbane Bandits
MLB Affiliated import players
  • Tampa Bay Rays: Tommy Coyle 2B (2014:
  • Tampa Bay Rays: Johnny Field CF (2014:
  • Tampa Bay Rays: Granden Goetzman LF (2014:
  • Tampa Bay Rays: Maxx Tissenbaum C (2014:

Canberra Cavalry
MLB Affiliated import players
  • Detroit Tigers: Marcus Lemon SS (2014: AA/AAA)
  • Philadelphia Phillies: Mitch Walding 3B (2014: A)
  • Toronto Blue Jays: Anthony Alford OF (2014: Rk/A)
  • Toronto Blue Jays: LB Dantzler 1B (2014: A/A+)
  • Toronto Blue Jays: Christian Lopes 2B (2014: A+)
  • Toronto Blue Jays: Jack Murphy C (2014: AA/AAA)
Independent import players
  • Jake Brown P (2014: Ind - Atlantic League)
  • Brian Grening P (2014: Ind - Atlantic League)

Melbourne Aces: 
MLB Affiliated import players
  • Chicago White Sox: Terance Marin P (2014: A+/AA)
  • Milwaukee Brewers: Kyle Heckathorn P (2014: AAA)
  • Philadelphia Phillies: Dylan Cozens OF (2014:A)
  • Philadelphia Phillies: Chace Numata C (2014: Rk)
  • Texas Rangers: Cody Buckel P (2014: A+)
  • Texas Rangers: Kellin Deglan C (2014: A/A+)

Perth Heat
MLB Affiliated import players
  • TBA
Independent import players
  • TBA

Sydney Blue Sox: 
MLB Affiliated import players:
  • Arizona Diamondbacks: Tyler Bortnick SS/2B/3B (2014: AAA)
  • Arizona Diamondbacks: Alex Glenn OF (2014:A+)
  • Arizona Diamondbacks: Markus Solbach P (2014: Rk/A-/A)
  • Colorado Rockies: Will Swanner 1B/DH (2014: A+/AA)

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