Monday, August 4, 2014

Steve Livesy - 2013-14 Brisbane Bandits

I thought I'd do a Coach theme this week. Today's card is for Steve Livesy, the Tampa Bay Rays minor league hitting coordinator, who joined the Brisbane Bandits as their hitting coach for the 2013-14 ABL season. This probably had more to do with the Bandits also acquiring four Tampa Bay Rays' minor league prospects for the season than any great desire to coach in the ABL itself.

Livesy comes from a baseballing background, having spent four years as a player, and many more as a manager and coach in the minors. His father Bill Livesy has had a long career as both a scout and manager in the New York Yankees' organisation before moving on to several other MLB organisations, including the Tampa Bay Rays.

2013-14 Brisbane Bandits Steve Livesy card front - © 2014 Adam East

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