Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Nachos To Go - Free ABL Card Promotion - And Rare Boss Moanaro card

Nachos To Go is running a promotion that features a free ABL card in every box of nachos, in combination with other ABL discounts (15% off ABL online store, and 2 for 1 Adult Tickets and 2 fee kids tickets to ABL games).

Nachos To Go ABL promotional banner from Facebook

I actually do a pretty mean nachos at home - my kids won't touch anybody else's nachos as "they're not as good as Dad's", so packaged nachos aren't the thing I'd usually buy. However, purely in the interests of research I purchased several packets two weeks ago to use for lunches at work. They were selling for between $4.90 - $5.90 at Coles and several smaller supermarket chains.

Packaging Front - Nachos to Go - ABL Promotional Box

The blurb states that the each packet of the mild Nachos To Go contains an ABL card. These cards are the same as the 2013-14 ABL cards created by Dingo. Of the two packs that I've opened so far, I've received card number 20 - Justin Huber from the Melbourne Aces. This card is the same as the Huber card in the Melbourne Aces Series One that was released on 1st November. The second pack contained card number 50 - Logan Wade of the Brisbane Bandits. This is from the Brisbane Bandits Series Two cards which were due to be released on the 1st December.

Close up of the promo on packaging

I've been told that there are 44 cards available in the promotion, consisting of the 8 player cards from 5 of the 6 Series One team sets (all teams except Canberra), and 4 cards from Series Two. Apparently the reason why the Canberra Cavalry series one set of cards wasn't included was due to the late finalization of their roster, especially their imports.

2013-14 Dingo Melbourne Aces Series One Justin Huber #20 and Brisbane Bandits Series Two Logan Wade #50

The four cards from Series Two to make it into the packs are Logan Wade (Brisbane, card #50), Brendan Wise (Perth, Card # ?), Jacob Younis (Sydney, card # ?) and Boss Moanaroa (Sydney, Card #73).

From a collectability point of view - the Boss Moanaroa card is the key card from these promotional cards. Why? Because Moanaroa was released from the final Blue Sox roster for 2013-14 late in the pre-season. The #73 card in the Series 2 Sydney set will actually feature a different player (unknown as to who at this point). That means that these Nachos To Go packets are the only way to get the Boss Moanaroa version of card #73 from this year's ABL card release by Dingo. Whereas serious card collectors might just have bought the complete team sets from the ABL online store, the exclusive Moanaroa card adds some roll of the dice motivation to grab the nachos for a shot at that card.

Rumour has it that there were a total of 50,00 promotional cards inserted into the Nachos to Go packs, but I have been unable to confirm if that number is correct. Assuming it is correct, and uniform distribution of cards, that would mean just over 1100 copies of each card were created.

Here's the promotional information on the inside of the packaging - sans promo code - you'll have to buy your own Nachos to Go for that :)

Inside the box lid

And the final question - how did the nachos taste. Well, they were OK - a lot better than many commercial nachos I've tried before ... but still "nobody makes nachos as good as Dad's" :)

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