Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ricky Schwarz - 2012-13 Sydney Blue Sox

Sydney youngster who signed as a 17 year old with the Minnesota Twins in 2012, he was added as a developmental player to the Sydney Blue Sox  for the 2012-13 ABL season. He did make his debut, appearing in two games, but didn't receive an At Bat in either game.

I would really like Sydney to work out to how to spell their player's names. In the Sydney Blue Sox media guide, it refers to him as both Rick Schwarz and Ricky Schwarz, whilst their website and the game-day program I have both refer to Ricky Schwartz. I've used Schwartz on the card as I was originally taking it from the game-day program, but suspect Schwarz is correct. I will probably change it before it get's printed.

Having said that, I could be completely wrong, and this could be another player that I don't recognise. I was only able to grab shots of this player with their warm-up top being worn over their uniform, so it was difficult to identify them. I'm fairly confident that it's Rick/Ricky Schwarz/Schwartz though ... but hey, if his own team can't even identify him correctly, what chance do I have ;) If somebody more familiar with Rick can confirm the ID of the player on this card, please leave me a comment, thanks.

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