Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Longley Break Up to Sydney

I'm heading to Sydney on a work trip, so won't be updating the blog for a few days. To celebrate my absence on the trip, I thought I would break from the mold and throw up a scan of another recent addition from Ebay to my Australian Sportsmen collection - except this time from Basketball.

I present to you Luc Longley's first furry card - 2012-13 Panini Past and Present Winning Touch #23. For those who haven't seen these cards, the front of the card has a furry material stuck to the white background. I'm sure that like my cat, this card is going to molt as it gets older and make a mess ...

If anybody has some Aussie cards to trade I need, I do have some spares of the Winning Touch set - Dirk Nowitzki #2, Kareen Abdul-Jabbar #14, Kenny Smith #15 and Bill Russell #19 that I'm happy to trade away.

2012-13 Panini Past and Present Winning Touch #23 Luc Longley

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