Friday, September 21, 2012

It's Official! 2012 ABL cards!

Exciting news on Facebook yesterday - official Australian Baseball League cards go on sale 01st October. They've been done by Select, who have historically done the AFL and NRL cards here in Australia, so they should be good quality. I've already got my pre-order in at the ABL Online Store.  [Insert big smile] ... and no, unfortunately, I had nothing to do with them, apart from buying one of each set.

Being issued as sets of 12 cards (one set for each team.) The 12 card breakdown for each team is:
10 player cards, a mascot card and a "fun" card. Each team set is priced at $AU9.99 Will do a breakdown of the players included for each set when they are released.

Flyer on Facebook advertising official Australian Baseball League cards!

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