Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What to Post Now? - 2011-12 ABL Season Header Card

It's still 80 days until Opening Day of the  2013-14 Australian Baseball League season, and I've finally finished posting up images of my backlog of card designs from the 2012-13 ABL season. So, what am I going to continue to post until I start getting images from the 2013-14 season?

Well, several things:

  1. After having reviewed by archive I've discovered a handful of card designs from the first two ABL seasons that I've accidentally missed posting here. I'll rectify those mistakes and post them up.
  2. I've had some recent bulk purchases of cards of Australian MLB players, so I'll include some bulk images of these cards.
  3. Card design concepts for the 2013-14 ABL season card set. With only 80 days to go, I need to come up with a new design ready for when I start capturing photos and creating new cards for the coming season. I'll post some images up when working on designs.

For now, here's one of the cards from previous seasons that I'd missed posting up. For the set of cards I created for the 2011-12 ABL season, I created a header card. Essentially it was like a "title" card that also had part of the set checklist on the back.The front of the card featured an image of an official ABL baseball - a foul ball that my son got at an ABL game that season.

2011-12 Season Header card - front - © 2012 Adam East

2011-12 Season Header card - back - © 2012 Adam East

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