Friday, September 7, 2012

Andrew Schmidt - 2010-11 Canberra Cavalry

Andrew Schmidt was an American import who played with the Canberra Cavalry during the 2010-11 ABL season. He initially tried out for the Adelaide Bite, but was unsuccessful in picking up a roster position with them, but was signed by Canberra soon afterwards.

The Bleacher Report has a great interview with Andrew that explains a bit more of his background. It doesn't appear that he's been able to break into any established teams since his ABL stint.

I have a bit of a soft spot in that this Schmidt card was the very first attempt at an ABL card that I created that I was happy with. Because I hadn't yet taken any photos at any of the ABL games, I used a promotional photo taken by the Canberra Times of Schmidt. I've been trying to find a copy of the photo on their site and on the web to give the appropriate credit to the photographer on this post, but I haven't been able to find the picture online anywhere :(

2010-11 Canberra Cavalry Andrew Schmidt card front - photo originally from The Canberra Times

Quick site admin note: Because the majority of photos and subsequent cards I've designed are for Cavalry players, the ratio of Cavalry vs non-Cavalry player cards that I post up is going to skew far more towards the Cav players in the immediate future. I'm slowly running out of cards from the other teams ... that will change when the 2012-13 season starts up in less than 8 weeks time :)

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