Saturday, May 5, 2012

Joe Quinn - Southern Cross Aussie Legends

This was my first ever attempt at a custom baseball card, and was made back in 2008. I was toying with the idea of trying to make a set of cards featuring every Australian MLB, NBA and NFL player. The card features Joseph (Joe) Quinn, the first Australian to ever play in the Major Leagues. Being the first ever Aussie in any of those leagues, Quinn had the honour of being the subject of the original concept card for this idea. He migrated to the USA at age 11 and ended up playing 1768 Major League games over 17 seasons.

Obviously, unlike most of my cards, this wasn't a photo that I had taken. The image of Quinn was taken from a historical team photo from the 1890's (hence the other player head in the shot.) I did a lot of trawling of online archives to find photos of Quinn.

Joe Quinn - Concept card for the "Southern Cross" Aussie Legends series of cards - © Adam East 2008
In the end I only had two concept cards printed up from this set - this card, and one of Colin Ridgway - the first ever Aussie to play in the NFL.

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