Friday, September 26, 2014

Steven Chambers - 2013-14 Canberra Cavalry

Chambers made the bold decision mid-season to move from the Brisbane Bandits, down to the Canberra Cavalry. The Cavalry had come under constant criticism from some areas about having too many Americans on their roster following injuries to several key Aussie players. Their response was to recruit several Aussie ABL players who would consider making a long term move to Canberra, with Chambers being one, along with Aaron Thompson, also from Brisbane, and Matt Wilson from Melbourne. Now, having said all that, with the chnages to the player rules over the off-season, Chambers has been released by the Cavalry so that he can rejoin the Bandits roster for 2014-15.

So, this is my second 2013-14 ABL season card for Chambers, with the first one featuring him as a Bandits player from earlier in the season.

2013-14 Canberra Cavalry Steven Chambers

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