Monday, April 10, 2017

Hayden Beard - 2016-17 Canberra Cavalry

Canberran local Beard had been off the ABL field for 5 seasons, having last played for Canberra in 2011-12. Beard had been the Cavalry's pitching coach for a number of years, however 2016-17 marked his return to the playing roster. Beard had endured three years of shoulder related to injuries prior to this time, during which time he was also released by the San Diego Padres. The start of 2016-17 was his first step back to top level baseball. I don't know what subsequently happened - he only ended up pitching in 2 games for the season. I'm presuming that his shoulder may not have held up, but have been unable to confirm if that is correct.

2016-17 Canberra Cavalry Hayden Beard card front - ©2017 Adam East

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