Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Aaron Bonomi - "Blocks" Concept Card

I thought I'd take a different tack with my concept cards for the 2013-14 card design. I thought I'd try moving away from the "metal" concept and go a bit more abstract. I call this design "blocks" and have tried several different versions.

The design it meant to make it look "pixelated" at the bottom before fading into normal photo clarity. I started out with larger block sizes, but have been reducing them down to a level I think I'm happy with. I'm still kind of torn between the medium and small "block" sizes, but think I'll go with the smallest size.

And yes - you'll notice that Mr Bonomi is getting all the star billing in my concept card designs. I try and use the same player image for each concept card so that when I'm comparing them , I'm focusing purely on the design differences, hence the reuse of the same photo for the concepts.

Any feedback on which you think looks better is welcome :)

Aaron Bonomi "Blocks" Concept card - version Large - © 2013 Adam East

Aaron Bonomi "Blocks" Concept card - version Medium - © 2013 Adam East

Aaron Bonomi "Blocks" Concept card - version Small - © 2013 Adam East

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