Friday, March 17, 2017

Hiroki Yamazaki (山崎 裕貴) - 2016-17 Sydney Blue Sox

Yamazaki is a Japanese import who played with the Sydney Blue Sox during the 2016-17 ABL season. I was a little bit unsure about the Kanji for Yamazaki's name. The ABL has him listed as Hiroki Yamazaki however his name seems to transliterate as Yuki Yuzaki or Yuki Yukasaki in the several searches I did. From what I can tell, Yamazaki played with the Honda Motor Company's baseball team prior to coming to Sydney. You can see his Honda helmet tucked under his arm in my card image.

2016-17 Sydney Blue Sox Hiroki Yamazaki card front - ©2017 Adam East

2016-17 Sydney Blue Sox Hiroki Yamazaki alternate card front - ©2017 Adam East

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