Friday, February 16, 2018

Darius Day - 2017-18 Adelaide Bite

Day is an American import from the Texas Rangers organisation who played with the Adelaide Bite during the 2017-18 ABL season. Day has spent four years in the Rangers' farm system, most recently with the Rangers' Arizona League rookie team.

I'm struggling with the design for the Bite players as there isn't enough contrast between the dark blue colouring of the Bite used for the player name and logo shield and the black background. I may have to play around with the colouring a bit. The Bite design was the last team design I've done for this season, otherwise I might have used something different than the black background in the design.

2017-18 Adelaide Bite Darius Day card front ©2018 Adam East

[Update 2nd Apr 2018: Here's my redux version of Day's card with a few changes I've made to the design:]

2017-18 Adelaide Bite Darius Day card front - updated ©2018 Adam East

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