Monday, September 14, 2015

James Darcy - 2014-15 Melbourne Aces

The official ABL website has local Melbourne boy Darcy listed as born in 1999, meaning that he would have been only 15 when playing for the Aces during his debut ABL season with them in 2014-15. Seeing as his bio also has him listed as previously travelling over to the US and playing with the Iowa Western Community College (Nebraska, USA) and Campbell University in North Carolina, I suspect that the ABL bio is wrong. I'm presuming that his birth year should actually be 1992 based on other online research.

Darcy didn't pitch in a lot of games through the season and I had issues identifying who this photo was actually of. I only managed to grab this shot of him in the dugout during a 2 hour rain delay up in Sydney. Thanks to the Aces staff for helping to ID him for me.

2014-15 Melbourne Aces James Darcy card front - ©2015 Adam East

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