Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween False Start - Marcus Lemon - 2014-15 Pre-season Canberra Cavalry

Well, the Canberra Cavalry advertised an exhibition game last Saturday with a Halloween theme - their only pres-season game of the year before their first game on Thursday. I dutifully rocked up with my trusty camera to get a bunch of photos of all the new Cavalry players. I figured it would be good to get as many of the Cavalry players as I could - I could then focus on taking shots of the visiting players throughout the season. Plus, I thought, with two teams made up Cavalry players, I was bound to get shots of most of the Cavalry roster.

However, as they say about the best laid plans ....

To go with the Halloween theme, the players weren't in uniform, they were in various states of costume. Mixed into the playing group were what were being called "local celebrities" - sportsmen from other Canberran teams, media personalities, etc. There was no program or handout for the game either, and the enw players haven't been assigned numbers yet that we know of.

The upshot of this was, I had almost no idea of who on the field was actually a Cavalry player. In fact I had almost no way of knowing who anyone was. The ground announcer did try and do intros to the teams (The Vampires and the Werewolves), but they were difficult to follow, and the players didn't actually present to the crowd when they were introduced. The players didn't play in position either (eg Catcher Jack Murphy pitched and played outfield)

So in the end, I got nothing I can use for my season photos. I will put up a couple of shots I took as "pre-season cards" of a few players I was able to identify. The first "pres-season card" is of Marcus Lemon, dressed in a hula grass skirt with a lei wristband.

Marcus Lemon is the son of former MLB All Star Chet Lemon. In 2014, Marcus played for both the Double and Triple-A minor league teams of the Detroit Tigers. I'm unsure as to whethr he's still contracted to the Tigers or not though. The Cavalry listed him as an American import, not as an affiliated player in their pre-season blurb. Having said that, I couldn't find anything saying that the Tigers had released Marcus. He's listed as number 00 as I have no idea of player numbers yet.

2014-15 Canberra Cavalry Marcus Lemon pre-season card front - ©2014 Adam East

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