Monday, October 8, 2012

Checklist - 2012 Adelaide Bite Select

The official 2012 Adelaide Bite baseball card set created by Select features cards of the following players:

2012 Adelaide Bite Logo card by Select
  • 1 Adelaide Bite Logo
  • 2 Tom Brice
  • 3 Josh Cakebread
  • 4 Jeremy Cresswell
  • 5 Darren Fidge
  • 6 Scott Gladstone
  • 7 Wilson Lee
  • 8 Paul Mildren
  • 9 Dushan Ruzic
  • 10 Stefan Welch
  • 11 Ben Wigmore
  • 12 Mascot "Chomper"

The Adelaide Bite team set of 12 cards can be ordered from the ABL Online Store for $AU9.99.


  1. Thanks for posting the Select checklists, it's great to see baeball cards being produced in Australia again. I've added the ABL checklist to the inventory systems at, and, so hopefully there will be a little more awareness of them.

  2. You're welcome. I'll be trying to post up details of any other ABL related cards as I get them, such as the Brisbane Bandits team releases that have come out.